• Radical Difference- part of Squared

  • A Multitude- part of Focal

  • Skyhide- part of Scape

  • Otherworldly- part of Form

  • Eldritch Dyson Seal- part of Scape

  • Electric Marsh- part of Focal

  • Waste Trash Dump- part of Scape

  • Forced Leather- part of Focal

  • Ruby Keystone- part of Squared

  • Aquatic Ambience- part of Scape

Chicago Marketing Professional. New Website Coming 9/14.

Abstract Digital Art & Design Portfolio

Recent Blog Posts

Artist, Scientist, Photographer, Writer Ethan J. Hulbert’s Portfolio

Hello, and welcome to my digital art portfolio. I’m an abstract artist based out of Chicago, IL.

I do a number of different things, making it difficult sometimes to create a clear singular website. However, you’ll be able to find everything you need about me here. Above are my galleries of high-resolution abstract art, called Form, Scape, Focal, and Squared. Those contain my primary and favourite sorts of artwork. Below are two categories of glitch art, my grunge portrait photography project, and some interesting experimental art. In the future I plan on featuring an additional photography project, as well as my extensive writing portfolio, which includes screenplays, treatments, short stories, and more. I will also have a portfolio page to keep track of all the SEO (search engine optimization) content writing I do professionally. One of these days.

Art & Science Blog

In addition to all the art, I keep a blog which I dedicate to my various interests. I like keeping track of digital art events and abstract art news around the world- I used to run a blog called Digital Art Chicago, but I’ve assimilated it into my portfolio and expanded on it considerably. Sometime in the future I’d like to be posting about the events my own art will be shown at, as well. Besides being an artist, I’m also an avid student of physics, especially quantum mechanics and nanoscience. My scientific interests are especially exotic, and I love combing archives of journals to find “crazy” new ideas and experiments. I’ll be posting more about these things in the future, as well as subjects that I actually studied myself. I also enjoy trying new brands of beer, so I talk about that sometimes too.

Buy Art Online

My Online Art Store is currently in progress! Once it’s done, you’ll be able to buy art prints and wall art of all of my larger pieces, as well as other smaller products featuring my designs as well. I’m very excited but it’s quite a long process to set up. But stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to read a little more about me and contact me here. Have a great day.